Song lyrics that I wrote for fun some time ago, warning: can contain wrong writing ^^

Water drips in the hollow lake,
Grass grow on mountain so high.

The rain has spoken, the unspokabel words.
Dreaming of a new world that is yet to be born.
Then the sun will rise. the rain will stop.

The forest will glow a light orange,
the lake will sparkle like beautiful diamonds.

She stands on the highest hill,
screaming the words of pain.
The sun rises, hurting her eyes.
While the tears are slipping away.

Long golden-blond hair,
eyes wide shot,
they shine like crystal water.

Filled with darkness,
but with a glimps of hope that yet can be restored.
By the lake he sits, trying to wash away his sins,
his heart is broken and troubled. he sings the song of redemption,
to the woman in the mountains so high.
Despair is leaking through his eyes.

In this gloomy atmosphere, he dreams to be reunited with his love. with his jing. And he is jang.

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22, Arendal

Jeg er en jente som liker musikk (for det meste metal), jeg liker filosofere om diverse ting osv..